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<i>DFG Netzwerk »Praktisches Denken und gutes Handeln«  <br />DGF Network »Practical Thought and Good Action« </i>

The DFG Netzwerk Praktisches Denken und gutes Handeln (Practical Thought and Good Action) brings together 15 young philosophers and about 20 associated philosophers from Germany, Canada, Norway, Israel, the United States and Great Britain. The network meets twice a year for a period of three years. The proceedings will be published in two edited volumes on practical reason. The workshops take place in rotation at the University of Magdeburg (Summer 2012 & Spring 2014), the University of Leipzig (Spring 2013 & Summer 2014) and the University of Stuttgart (Summer 2013 & Spring 2015). Director of the network is Dr. Thomas Hoffmann (University of Magdeburg) in cooperation with Dr. Matthias Haase (University of Leipzig) and Dr. Tim Henning (University of Stuttgart).

The workshops focus on different topics united under the title »Practical Thought and Good Action«. The exact topic of each next meeting will be settled at the preceding session. At each meeting there will be guests whose work is seminal on the topic. The aim is to facilitate exchange of thought. So rather than having a series of formal talks, the workshops are focused on discussion. The papers discussed at the workshop will be distributed in advance to all participants of the workshop. No papers will be presented at the workshop as talks. After a short introduction by the respective author, each session will be devoted entirely to the discussion of the paper.


1. Fabian Börchers (FU Berlin)
2. Timo Ertz (Universität Gießen)
3. Anton Ford (University of Chicago)
4. Matthias Haase (Universität Leipzig)
5. Adrian Haddock (University of Stirling)
6. Tim Henning (Universität Stuttgart)
7. Thomas Hoffmann (Universität Magdeburg)
8. David Horst (Hebrew University Jerusalem)
9. Andrea Kern (Universität Leipzig)
10. Douglas Lavin (Harvard University)
11. Susanne Mantel (Universität Tübingen)
12. Erasmus Mayr (LMU München)
13. Alexandra Newton (Universität Leipzig)
14. Sarah K. Paul (University Wisconsin)
15. Karl Schafer (University of Pittsburgh)


16. James Conant (University of Chicago)
17. Ursula Coope (University of Oxford)
18. David Hunter (Ryerson University)
19. Patricio A. Fernandez (Harvard University)
20. Luca Ferrero (University Wisconsin)
21. Jennifer Frey (University Chicago)
22. Benedikt Kahmen (Universität Aachen)
23. Christian Kietzmann (Universität Leipzig)
24. Eric Marcus (Auburn University)
25. Sebastian Rödl (Universität Leipzig)
26. Kieran Setiya (University of Pittsburgh)
27. Tamar Shapiro (Stanford University)
28. Will Small (University of Oslo)
29. Sergio Tenenbaum (University Toronto)
30. Peter Wiersbinski (Universität Frankfurt)
31. Rachael Wiseman (University of York)
32. Hong Yu Wong (Universität Tübingen)
33. Maria Alvarez (King‘s College London)
34. Pirmin Stekeler Weithofer (Universität Leipzig)


1. Meeting – »Action Explanation and Causality«
30. August 2012 - 1. September 2012
Universität Magdeburg
Kieran Setiya (University of Pittsburgh)
Eric Marcus (Auburn University)
Zum Programm

2. Meeting – »Practical Knowledge«
19. April 2013 - 21. April 2013
Universität Leipzig
John McDowell (University of Pittsburgh)
Jennifer Hornsby (University of London)
Lucy O‘Brien (University College London)
Zum Programm

3. Meeting – »Practical Reasoning«
15. November 2013 - 17. November 2013
Universität Stuttgart
Niko Kolodny (University of California Berkeley)
Candace Vogler (University of Chicago)
Zum Programm

4. Meeting – »Being and Goodness«
4. Juli 2014 - 5. Juli 2014
Universität Leipzig
Christine Korsgaard (Harvard University)
Jennifer Whiting (University of Toronto)
Zum Programm

5. Meeting – »Interaction«
23. Juli 2015 - 25. Juli 2015
Universität Leipzig
Michael Thompson (University of Pittsburgh)
Naomi Eilan (University of Warwick)
Zum Programm



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